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sell old pallets we buy used pallets


Get cash for those leftover pallets!

Don't just toss away those pallets from your recent delivery!
We will value them based on their quantity and quality and pay you TODAY.

Why sell your old pallets?

  • To get money!
  • Protect the environment
  • Save on disposal fees
  • Helps in the inventory of material shortage
  • Did we say, get money??

Free Pick-up for Quantities

If you have a minimum set of 300 pallets in the Baltimore Metro area, we will happily pick them up for you. For further areas we require a truckload for pick-up.
Don't have that many to sell? No problem! You can always bring them in to us.
Call 410-647-8094 to find out the requirements for your area. 

You can drop-off pallets at our Baltimore warehouse:

3200 James St.
Baltimore, MD 21230
8am-3pm Monday-Friday